Predda Construction Ada Compliance

‚Äč*  Evaluation of your property with corrective compliant


*  Cost effective methods to comply

*  Professional service

*  Knowledge of current ADA standards

*  Maintenance program

  ada code compliance

** Predda Construction is a general contracting business in the state of Arizona that offers all your needs for your next project or ADA Compliance or structural repair. We are a full service dual license Commercial and Residential general contractor.

At PREDDA CONSTRUCTION we strive to give you quality work in a cost effective manner on a timely schedule. 

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

1 out of 5 Americans is considered disabled, 1 out of 10 is considered severely disabled.  As a business owner that provides good's and service to the general public you must offer proper disability parking and accessible route into your business. Some people are mistaken by the Grandfathering of their older buildings. FALSE. All though there is a little less guideline requirement on the properties, all building MUST comply. There are millions of dollars being paid out for frivolous lawsuits across the nation in ADA compliance. Don't be the next victim. We urge you to take this opportunity to schedule a evaluation of your property. The law is written simple, if your property is out of code your could be subject to costly lawsuits and lawyers fees. 

  The ADA guidelines were introduced in 1991 and then revised in 2010 and must be followed for most standing structure offering goods and service to the public entity.