Predda Construction Ada Compliance

There are many things on the internet about the guidelines for ADA compliance. Generally speaking I believe there is a lot of gray in the verbiage in my personal findings on compliance guidelines. The gray writing to me seems like it give's you a little head way with your property but why take the risk. There're many of the guidelines that are very clear. And how it works is your are safe until something actually happens on your property.  Having a non compliant property just gives a lawyer another edge to get your insurance company or you. There are millions of dollars that are spent on lawsuits in America every year for non compliant ADA with some of the simple infractions of not having the right signage up. Something that cost 100 dollars to fix could cost 10k in a lawsuit or more. 

   In America statistics show 1 out of 5 American have a disability. We as American's when we talk about disabled American's  we relate that  to a person in a wheelchair.  In fact only 3.3 million Americans are in a wheelchair the other 51 million Americans have some sort of disability whether it be physical or mental.

That means that every time 5 people walk into your business 1 of those people are considered disabled.

    These numbers don't lie.  Americans with disabilities should have the right that a healthy person has to enjoy the things that we all enjoy . And if your are  equal opportunity employer it is your obligation as a business owner to comply for the safety of your employees to. You can turn a blind eye to this and in turn it will blind side you we you least expect it. Don't wait to get your properties compliant.

​   WE offer ada code compliance to the guidelines produce by the Department of Justice